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Display of product views

The execution of a query results in a number of standard views of products (and processes). Each view allows for selection an object and asking for further details about the selected object. The product model view allows for the creation of new expressions.
A query for individual object(s) with result in views that differ from views for kinds of things.

Network view

This view presents all direct relations with the 'object in focus' and their classifications or supertypes.

Taxonomy view

This view of kinds of things presents the hierarchy of a kind in focus and the kinds that are subtypes of the kind in focus, which includes also product types (catalogue items). If present it also displays the individual things that are classified by those kinds. The view includes also the values of the characteristics of the kinds in tabular form.

Possibilities view

The possibilities view presents a possible composition of the kind in focus and the characteristics of the kinds and their components.

Kind of product view

A view of the kind of product in focus.

Summary view

A list of one or more individual things and their characteristics

Product Model view

A product view (a flexible generic standard data sheet) that includes components and their aspects as well as processes in which the object is involved and documents about the object.

Data Sheet view

The same as a product model view, but in a different lay-out, which is a generalized format that corresponds with the lay-out of data sheets that are in wide use in the industry.

Documents view

This view presents the documents that are available about the object in focus. Selecting one of the objects by double clicking will launch a viewer that displays the document (if available).

Activities view

An view that presents occurrences in which the object in focus is involved, possibly in various roles and other objects, such as signals or streams, that are involved in those occurrences.

IDEF0 graphic view

A graphical view on the occurrences (activities) in sequence including the connecting streams. The graphs comply with the IDEF0 standard.

Query table view

A list of expressions about the kinds of object(s). This list contains the aggregate of all expressions that compose tha various views about the object in focus. The list can be exported as a Gellish file in CSV and/or JSON.

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