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The Gellish Communicator software

The Gellish Communicator software is a reference application for the Gellish family of formalized languages. It can be used for verifying the definitions of the formal languages of the family, such as Formal English and its taxonomic dictionary and ontology. The open source software is accompanied by a subset of the language definition and dictionary. The full language definition, taxonomy and ontology can be licensed from The software can also be used as an application for

  • consulting the smart dictionary and taxonomy
  • viewing and retrieving knowledge with an option for direct import in other applications
  • verifying user defined information models
  • viewing and retrieving product model and process model data and product and process model viewer
  • searching in one or more databases

The source code is under Open Source license conditions available via GitHub. It is written in Python and is a source for code that can be reused and modified by software developers for integration in their own applications. The code facilitates

  • reading and interpreting Gellish expressions
  • searching in Gellish enabled data stores
  • generic presentation views (e.g. universal data sheets)
  • converting (mapping) data to and from other data structures
  • writing Gellish expressions
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