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Inserting in a product view

There are various options for inserting expressions in a product view.

  1. Classification of an individual object

Classification of an individual object

A product view displays the model of an individual object and its classifier(s). The model includes among others components (parts) of the individual object (if present) and their classifiers and possibly parts of parts (if present) and their classifiers.
It is possible to classify an individual (or part or part-of-part) by a kind of product or for a type of product (a manufacturer's model or catalogue item) that satisfies the characteristics of the individual object and to insert a classification of the individual object in the model (add it to the network). This done as follows:

  1. Select the individual object that need to be classified (set focus).
  2. Press 'c'. This starts the classification process. This is done by generating a query with requirements that are based on the current classifier of the individual object and the current characteristics of the individual object. (That query can be exported, for example for searching in suppliers catalogues.) The query is executed and generates a taxonomy of subtypes of the current classifier that satisfy the requirements.
  3. Go to the 'Taxonomy' tag.
  4. Select the required kind of product of type of product.
  5. Press 'c' again. This classifies the individual object by the selected kind or type of product.
  6. Inspect the product model for the additional classification.
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