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-We recommend to study formalized languages ​in general and Formal English in particular ​by following the wiki pages in the sequence ​belowThe language and application methodology can be studies ​more in depth by reading ​the books: '​[[Semantic Information Modeling ​in Formalized Languages]]' ​and '​[[Semantic Information Modeling ​Methodology]]'.+We recommend to study formalized languages by following the wiki pages in the sequence ​that is given in the left hand sidebarmore in-depth treatment of how to express information in Gellish is provided in the book: '​[[Semantic Information Modeling ​Methodology]]. A more in depth treatment of the language definition ​and the content of the upper ontology in the Gellish Taxonomic Dictionary is provided in the book: '​[[Semantic Information Modeling ​in Formalized Languages]]'.
 Table of content of this Wiki: Table of content of this Wiki:
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